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Selected by Jeanne Goodrich, executive director for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

What differentiates a successful leader from an unsuccessful one? The ability to handle, rather than succumb, to stress is a major factor. Resonant Leadership (Harvard Business Press, 2005), by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee (who coauthored with Daniel Goleman Primal Leadership), utilizes multidisciplinary research and real world experience to provide a framework for ensuring the continued ability to manage one’s emotions and workplace demands. Specific techniques are provided for combating stress, avoiding burnout and renewing the self through mindfulness, hope and compassion. Mastering these soft skills makes leaders even stronger and more effective in their businesses or organizations.

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All the Right Notes

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about The Kids Are All Right is that there aren’t more films like it. LGBT cinema is long overdue for mainstream success. For all the splash that Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain made, it wasn’t a mainstream film. Worse yet, its story supported an oft repeated cautionary tale about gays that Hollywood cooked up a half-century ago. Even great movies such as Boys Don’t Cry and Mysterious Skin exist in a dark netherworld of societal cruelty.