Michael Boychuck

The Oscar de la Renta of hair talks about blondes in general, Paris Hilton in particular and getting his hands on Christina Aguilera

Every industry has its celebrities. If you like fashion, Oscar de la Renta is your guy. If you travel and/or eat, Anthony Bourdain is the man. And if you like hair, Michael Boychuck is our resident superstar.

Boychuck is best known for his coloring skills, and has an affinity for blondes, as is evident in his long relationship with Paris Hilton. But his client list includes non-blondes like Mandy Moore, and sometimes-blondes like Fergie.

After completing his training in Pennsylvania and starting his career in Florida, Boychuck set his sights on working with famed hairstylist José Eber in Beverly Hills, Calif., a goal he achieved with the help of a bottle of Dom Pérignon he sent to Eber. Boychuck moved to Los Angeles to work in Eber’s salon, but it was his partnership with legendary hairstylist Laurent Dufourg that brought him to Las Vegas as a partner in Prive Salon at Bellagio. Nearly 10 years later, Boychuck owns three salons in Las Vegas—AMP at the Palms, PRIMP at Palms Place and COLOR at Caesars Palace. Earlier this year, the hair care company Schwarzkopf named Boychuck Las Vegas Colorist of the Decade.

How does it feel to be the Colorist of the Decade?

I’m humbled. It’s one of the biggest honors I’ve ever gotten because I’ll have it for the next 10 years. Schwarzkopf is one of the longest-running companies, I think it’s the third biggest [hair care] company in the world, and it’s the oldest color company, so for them to recognize me like that is just a fantastic honor.

What celebrity would you like to get your hands on?

Christina Aguilera. I think she’s really cool and very talented. Carrie Underwood is incredible. I’ve been pretty lucky. In the last 10 days Shanna Moakler called me. Lindsay Lohan’s people called for me to do her hair. I just did Trishelle [Cannatella] from the Real World yesterday and I did Laura Croft from Holly Madison’s [Peepshow], so I really get a lot of different celebrities.

Are there trends you would like to see go away?

I enjoy working with blondes most, and everyone is going brown. We’ve had so many people go brown and I would like to get back to the blondes. The last six to eight weeks people are starting to go blond again, but even [Zowie Bowie performer] Marley Taylor, who is one of the most famous blondes in Las Vegas, came to me and went brown.

Who’s your favorite blonde to work with?

I think most people know I do Paris Hilton’s hair once a month, and she is obviously my favorite. I’ve watched her career blossom. I started doing her hair when she was 15, and it’s just been fun working with her. She has all these different looks, long hair, short hair, bleached out, natural, so she’s had all the different combinations and she’s definitely my favorite blonde to work with.

What advice do you live by?

Have passion in what you do and never get an ego. When people come in, they come in because they want your advice and they want you to guide them to where they want to be. But when you start saying, “This is what you need” and, “I don’t care what other people say or what other people think,” it just makes everything uncomfortable. I started off as an assistant and that was the best thing I could ever do, so take the knowledge people are willing to share with you, be humble and have passion for your job and you’ll go far.

What do you like about Las Vegas?

I just love Las Vegas in general. Every casino is like a little city, so you can go to all these different places and have the best restaurants and the best shows—it’s the best of everything in a few miles. If you just go a few miles off the Strip you can be in a nice, relaxing home in a nice neighborhood.

If you weren’t doing hair what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a bartender. I like talking to people, and I think I could hand out drinks pretty easy. There are not a lot of things that I’m passionate about, so it would have to be something with the public where I could make people happy.

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