My Favorite Show

Selected by Matt Donnelly, co-creator and host of Executive Monkeys

New Yorker Matt Donnelly followed his fiancé, Sarah Lowe, to Vegas when she became dance captain for Jersey Boys. Two years later, he’s teaching for Improv Vegas, appearing on ABC’s True Beauty and hosting Executive Monkeys. Here’s his favorite show in town:

One of the coolest shows in Vegas is the Composer’s Showcase, which happens once a month at the Liberace Museum. It’s fun for two reasons: 1) All the talented musicians and singers in town do their own material; 2) the Liberace Museum itself is quite the experience. The Composer’s Showcase features performers from shows like Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular, Jersey Boys and The Lion King. They all do their stuff. I’ve seen the Apple Sisters stop by; they’re a sketch comedy group from L.A. and one of my favorite acts. Another one is Danny Roque, he’s a comedy partner with Tish [Diaz] from Jersey Boys. He does comedy, she does piano.

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