Best of the City

From art galleries to dog parks, foot rubs to food on a stick, we bring you a celebration of the things that make Las Vegas great.

First, an introduction to Vegas Seven’s first annual Best of the City by Managing Editor Bob Whitby.

Now, on to the awards…

Community & Culture

The Best: Use of Twitter, Shortcut, Green Idea, Blog, Souvenir, Vintage Neightborhood, Sign of the Times, Dog Park, Ranking, Beacon in Dark Times, Nonprofit Group and Best-Kept Secret. See the winners »

Business & Services

The Best: Green Renovation, Fitness Center, Place to Tie the Knot, Gym Alternative, Caddie, Local Stock, Pickup Basketball Games, Ethnic Grocery Store, Hotel Design, Valet Parking, Strip Club, Tailor, Shoe Repair, Elevator, Bathroom and Foot Rub. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: Concierge’s go-to services


The Best: Beauty Trend, Hair Bargain, Bridal Shop, Nail Shp to See and be Seen, Hair Salon, Shopping Event, Costumer, Showroom, Store Window, Mannequin and Personal Shopper. See the winners »

Arts & Entertainment

The Best: Theater Effort, Reality TV Show, Band with Best Odds of Becoming the next Killers, Local Album, Gallery, Gallerist, New Visual Artist, Classical Musician, Book about Nevada, Book Written by a Las Vegan, Shows, Impersonator/Comedian, Theater Producer, Concert Venue, Local Venue, Family Sow, Place to get Free Music and Art at a Hotel-Casino. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: Neon Reverb DJ picks next years best bands


The Best: Beans, New Coffeehouse, Dining Table with a Story, Power Lunch Spot, Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream Spot, Lunch Deal, Coffee Shop, Late-Night Dining, Food on a Stick, Fast Food, Buffet, Culinary Trend, Brunch, Tapas, Sliders, Gourmet Burgers and Healthful and Delicious Dish. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: Max Jacobson’s seven favorite ethnic restaurants

Bars & Booze

The Best: Mixology Event, Classic Cocktails, Original Cocktails, Enomatic Wine Selection, Sangria, Wine List for the Money, Wine Shop, Bartender, Midweek Drink Special, Old-Time Tavern, Sports Bar, New Bar Trend, Bloody Mary, New Mixology Bar/Lounge and Swizzle Stick. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: Bartenders Guild boss serves up his seven bests


The Best: Lounge DJ, Nightclub, Lounge, Big-Room DJ, Party on Wheels, Poolside Bodies, See-and-be-Seen Pool Scene, One-Stop Shop for all You Could Ever Need, Go-Go Dancers and LGBT Party. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: The Captains’ seven Vegas nightlife highlights


The Best: Teacher, Tweeters, Potential Soccer Star, Student, Professor, Minor League Player—Ever, Sign Spinner, Activist, Civil Servant, Radio/TV Personality and Person to Lead the City into the Future. See the winners »

» Expert Opinion: Mayor Goodman’s very own Best of the City list

» Best Friend of Downtown: Alexadra Epstein

» Best Bus Driver: Calvin Dyer

» Who is the best face of the City: Holly or the Mayor?

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