Beer Here! (And There)

Take an international beer crawl at Monte Carlo


Hitachino Nest White Ale at Dragon Noodle Company, $10

The Belgian-style brand flagship has a light tangerine color and a tutti-frutti flavor reminiscent of clementines plus coriander, nutmeg and orange peel. Bartender Christina says she loves the citrusy notes of this Japanese craft-brew, also available in Weizen, Classic Ale, Ginger Brew and—another winner—Red Rice Ale, which has a rosy color, a strawberry, anise and eucalyptus nose, and a subtle, yeasty sake flavor.


Strada San Felice Italian Chestnut Ale at d.Vino, $15

A medium-bodied, dry-yet-fruity and instantly addictive dark-amber chestnut ale brewed with wood-fired chestnuts from the famous chestnut-growing area of Piedmont. A standout from among d.Vino’s exceptional, food-friendly Italian craft brew portfolio, which also includes Via Emilia Dry-Hopped Pale Lager, Re Ale Extra Italian IPA, and the Birrificio Barley Brewery selections: Friska Biere Blanche, Toccadibo Strong Golden Ale, and Sella del Diavolo Italian Amber Ale.


Warsteiner Dunkel, on tap at the Monte Carlo Pub, $8

From Germany’s largest privately owned brewery, and second only in popularity to the Warsteiner Premium Verum, comes Warsteiner Dunkel, a dark and molasses-y international beer staple, which has been a product of the Cramer family since 1753. All of Warsteiner’s beers are brewed in strict accordance with the “Reinheitsgebot,” the since-repealed Germany Purity Law of 1516, which states that beer is made from just three things: water, barley and hops. Too bad Louis Pasteur wasn’t around then to teach the Bavarians about the existence of yeast.