Music blogs transfer taste-making from the elites to the masses, but some blogs are more equal than others

It’s no secret that times are tough for music magazines. Ever since the Internet, music fans have been shifting the ways in which they learn about music. Music blogs, with their ability to deliver much more than words, seem to be at the forefront of that exploration. Whether they are simple, one-man operations or fully staffed online companies, music blogs give everybody a voice.

Many of you have heard of the Chicago-based online music powerhouse known as Pitchfork. With more than 1.9 million visitors per month, Pitchfork is the leading online authority on independent music. With in-depth music reviews, A-list interviews, creative video programs and even its own summer music festival, Pitchfork has paved the way for the smaller music blogs. There may never be another online music source as big and powerful as Pitchfork, but countless new music blogs are always popping up across the Internet.

With so much to choose from, the question arises, where do you start? I have sifted through the blogosphere and handpicked five of my personal favorite blogs to help you get started on your path to discovering the some of the best new music in existence. No matter which of these blogs fit your musical personality, you will be able to find what you are looking for at your fingertips. Of course, you can always visit or if you miss mainstream music magazines.

Too Many Sebastians

This tastemaker blog started in a bedroom in 2007 and has been steadily gaining a following of electronic music lovers ever since. Too Many Sebastians features some of the best new singles, mixtapes, remixes, interviews and music videos from all types of electronic music. Recently featured artists include Two Door Cinema Club, Cut Copy, Devo and Alan Braxe.

Le Blogotheque

The Parisian music blog that conceptualized the original live-music video program known as “Take Away Shows” has been collaborating with some of the best indie artists in the business since April 2006. On a weekly basis, Le Blogotheque films an artist’s live performance in the streets, subways, elevators, parks, flats and bars of Paris and beyond. Everything is improvised and filmed on the go, capturing the spontaneous and raw nature of the performance. Some artists recently featured on Le Blogotheque include Yeasayer, Jamie Lidell and Yo La Tengo. (This link is to the English version of the site.)


This blog features free, legal downloads of singles and remixes from the hottest emerging artists in all genres on a daily basis. You can sign up to receive their “RCRD of the Day” daily newsletter, which will give you a taste of brand-new music in your inbox each morning.  Since 2007, RCRD LBL has partnered with major labels and music-related corporations, and has turned itself into a premier music blog for online music distribution, reaching more than a million downloads and plays per month. Some artists recently featured on RCRD LBL include Solar Bears, These New Puritans, Tiga and Sleigh Bells.

Disco Dust

Like the name suggests, this is a music blog featuring anything and everything related to electronic music. This bedroom-operated blog is an excellent source for DJs and music fans looking to spice up a dance floor with some funky, friendly, obscure electronic jams. The blog features some interviews, but mostly posts new singles and remixes. Disco Dust has recently posted about artists Jump Jump Dance Dance, D.A.M.B., Elite Gymnastics and Worship.

Stoney Roads

Stoney Roads is a small but up-and-coming music blog based out of Sydney that features mostly indie dance music singles, remixes, interviews and music videos. In addition to the joy of streaming Stoney Roads’ musical choices, the images alone are worth a visit. Some of the music covered recently on Stoney Roads includes new tracks from Midnight Juggernauts, Diplo and Don Diablo, Goldhawks and Bag Raiders. Mikey Francis is the producer and lead vocalist for the band Afghan Raiders. Read his music blog at

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