Calvin Dyer

When the RTC Transit bus driver stopped during his route on March 12, 2009, to pull a wandering 3-year-old boy out of a busy intersection, he viewed the move as just another part of his job. For Dyer doesn’t just provide transportation for Las Vegans, he also often gives direction. In five years driving a bus, Dyer, 48, has prayed with passengers, offered help and advice, and also served as a mentor to troubled teens.

“Sometimes you have to be a mom, a father, a preacher or a counselor on the bus,” he says. “You have to put on different hats, but it’s fun. It’s rewarding knowing that you helped somebody.”

Running into late-morning traffic in the middle of Desert Inn Road and Decatur Boulevard to pull a child to safety is just one example of the type of behavior Dyer exhibits each day behind the wheel. While all Regional Transportation Commission bus drivers are trained and encouraged to help distressed passengers, Dyer builds special relationships with his regulars, who often bring him food during his shift.

“It makes my job fun,” he says. “It’s a blessing to come to work. Some people can’t say that; I can.” Dyer, a father of five, has helped at least one teen on his route stay on the right path, offering his phone number to the boy, who took Dyer’s advice to pull up his pants and get an education, and is now on track to graduate from college next year.

“I love people,” Dyer says. “I get along with anyone; I don’t care if they’re bad or not. I always look for the positive side of people. That keeps me going.”

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