The Captains’ seven Vegas nightlife highlights

The Captains of Industry, Graham Funke and StoneRokk, are DJs and nightlife columnists for Vegas Seven. Here are their enlightened opinions about what makes this city great after dark:

  1. The quality and consistency of the DJ community. DJs come to Las Vegas from across the country because this is the market everyone wants to work in.
    The city’s multimillion-dollar nightlife industry counts on a small handful of DJs to ensure success each week, which is a testament to the skill and commitment of those who manage to keep the hottest parties hoppin’.
  2. The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill. We have capped many nights at the cusp of morning in this ’80s holdover, and have many fine memories involving the sipping tropical drinks, sitting beside the flaming pool and basking under a fuchsia-and-turquoise glow to the soothing sounds of Fleetwood Mac.
  3. The Living Room at the Playboy Club. Even though the entire club oozes the exact kind of extravagance we enjoy, it’s this cozy area in back that brings the experience full circle. Granted, we play the main room on a regular basis, but there’s no exotic, safari-themed chairs or fireplace in the DJ booth.
  4. The last hour of a set by DJ Crooked. Every DJ has a job to do, and that job usually involves playing some music that he or she doesn’t necessarily enjoy. But when the night winds down, more chances are taken as the DJ indulges a bit—and Crooked is the grimiest.
  5. The lounge at the Artisan hotel. This dimly lit, portrait-filled room has a pronounced decadence that seems almost quirky in this current era of Las Vegas, yet some of the newer nightlife establishments seem to have taken a cue from their presentation. The late-night scene is choice.
  6. The retracting roof at Moon. Yes, it has an amazing view of Las Vegas. Yes, it has an outside deck where one can soak up the night air. And yes, in the interest of full disclosure, we play there on a weekly basis. But the fact that you can cut a rug on the dance floor while staring up at the Milky Way is something you can’t do anywhere else in the city.
  7. The Green Door. While it’s not necessarily our preferred hunting grounds, it garners a nod simply because a visit to the Green Door is the closest thing our generation gets to experiencing what it must have been like to visit Plato’s Retreat in ’70s New York.

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