A concierge’s seven best go-to services

Guests at the Four Seasons Hotel expect the best of the best, and head concierge Adrian Little is there to provide it. With 12 years of experience, he knows quite well what guests want and whom he can call on to handle those requests. Here are seven services that he keeps on his speed dial:

  1. Cupid’s Pet Service. Anytime a guest needs someone to watch their pup, Little gives Cupid’s Pet Service a call. 785-2968.
  2. Layers Bakery. “In my opinion, the best cakes and cookies in Las Vegas,” he says. Until the new Green Valley location opens in September, a limited menu is available from Layers’ commercial kitchen. 121 E. Sunset Road, 221-2253.
  3. Beck-N-Call. “Not only do they provide the best messenger service in town, they also give VIP tours of Vegas, which we always recommend to our guests who have never been to Vegas before.” 990-2062.
  4. Maverick Helicopters. Little recommends the “Canyon Dream” tour to any guests who want to venture to the Grand Canyon. 1-888-261-4414.
  5. Nannies and Housekeepers U.S.A. “We can relax knowing that our guests’ children are being looked after by the best nannies in the business.” 451-0021.
  6. Settebello Pizzeria. Serving the best authentic Italian pizza in town. In The District, 140 S. Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, 222-3556.
  7. Pink Jeep Tours. The best way to tour the Hoover Dam. “The tour guides have a wealth of information.” 895-6777.

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