Best Beauty Trend

Minx has found the veritable cure to the ruined manicure by bypassing the traditional base-and-topcoat routine for flexible stickers that adhere with heat. The stickers come in styles ranging from gold glitter to fully customized pictures, but it’s the fact that Minx doesn’t chip like traditional nail polish that has manicure enthusiasts obsessed. Wild Orchid Nail Spa, 9075 S. Eastern Ave., 914-8063.

Best Hair Bargain

There’s no escaping it: Las Vegas is driven by appearances, and keeping them up can be costly. But if you are the kind who likes to risk a dollar to save five, then cosmetology schools can be a good bet. We suggest you stick with a known name, and for us that means the Paul Mitchell School, which consistently turns out well-qualified graduates. Request a student who’s nearing graduation to lessen the chance of disappointment—and an even pricier salon fix afterward. 9490 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100, 740-4247.

Best Bridal shop

The city known for its weddings has finally gotten a luxury bridal salon all its own. The collection at Couture Bride Las Vegas is handpicked by Dawn Heaney and Flora Petakas Marinelli, former executives for the bridal goddess herself, Vera Wang, along with their third partner and fashion industry veteran Annette Cirillo-Bergen. With Monique Lhuillier, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta gracing the racks, this shop is every bride’s new best friend. 950 S. Durango Dr., Suite 130, 647-7778,

Best Nail Shop to See and Be Seen

Red Rock Nails is a crossroads for women looking to give their nails a bit of TLC. The shop’s welcoming staff and array of different pedicures ensure your toes get the attention they need. Nail treatments such as gel tips and UV acrylic nail removal give customers all the amenities of a larger salon without the pricey drawbacks. 10247 W. Charleston Blvd., 838-2378.

Best Hair Salon

Salons abound in a place as obsessed with pretty as Las Vegas, but ARCS Salon in Mandalay Place manages to keep the who’s who coming back for more. ARCS, which is brought to you by none other than Robert Cromeans, features stark white mod décor and a product hound’s dream of a retail area, but it’s the top-notch stylists who really keep Las Vegas hooked. ARCS A Robert Cromeans Salon, in Mandalay Place, 632-9390.

Best Shopping Event

Home décor junkies found a place to call home when the World Market Center landed in Las Vegas, and the Super Bowl for these design lovers is the annual Sample Sale (this year it’s Aug. 26). With top-name designer wares slashed up to 70 percent off, it’s a furniture bonanza unrivaled in all of Las Vegas. 475 Grand Central Parkway, 599-3093.

Best Costumer

Someone has to be responsible for all the sequins in a town that’s known for its opulent wardrobing. Enter Imagination Las Vegas, an award-winning full-service designer and manufacturer of theatrical costumes and wardrobe for stage, film, television and events. The brainchild of entertainment producer Blair Farrington, it has been on the cutting edge of the entertainment world since its inception in 1996. From lavish showgirls to opulent renaissance pieces, Imagination’s rental department is a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind showstoppers, plus more than 1,500 costumes in an inventory valued at more than $2 million.

Best Showroom

Photo by Henri SagalowLanvin: the ultimate in window-shopping.

Lanvin: the ultimate in window-shopping.

If you are a design geek and you live in Las Vegas, there is only one word you need to know: Unicahome. Owners Bonnie and Hugh Fogel—two of the leading design minds in the city—have been bringing good taste to the desert and beyond for more than 10 years with names such as Alessi, Cappellini, Artemide and Umbra. They also have an incredible space in which to showcase their goods. There’s more at, too, as people with good taste from around the country know. Either way, thanks to the Fogels’ distinctly well-curated inventory, this is the spot to find designer decor. 3901 W. Russell Road, 616-9280.

Best Store Window

Dreaming of French couture just got a little easier thanks to the impressive window displays at the Lanvin boutique, which opened in February. Boasting a floor-to-ceiling glass façade, measuring 17 feet by 60 feet and hosting the elaborate theatrical mannequin stagings that the designer is known for worldwide, this showcase is not to miss, especially for those who like to look and not touch. Via the display, the customer is immediately exposed to the unique offering of the store: a menswear line that is exclusive to the CityCenter location.

Best Mannequin

The ultimate go-to girl when it comes to supplying Las Vegas’ never-ending stream of trade shows with mannequins (think MAGIC and PROJECT), Alison Wainwright is the mastermind behind LV Mannequins. Her latest offering is the Foamannequins, a next-Gen pose-able wardrobe form made from recycled rubber over an aluminum skeleton that can be fabricated in an assortment of colors. Foamannequins are cheaper, simpler and lighter weight. Alas, in life as in fashion, there is always a newer and younger model to be had.

Best Personal Shopper

Jenna Doughton realized in 2009 that many of her high-profile clients no longer had the budgets for elaborate shopping sprees, so she started offering a collective gathering called the Recessionista Party, where she brings the store to a host home. Offering great prices on designer merchandise is just one of her many services; outside of the monthly parties, Doughton still offers a full range of shopping and image consultation services, including closet cleaning and reorganization. 569-1008,