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Compiled by @marseniuk

@jeffbeacher I hate being at the airport and looking at kids and wondering if they r children or midgets. My brain is so warped.

@ronstoppable1 Screw trying to get to work tomorrow, I don’t even know how I will get home tonight.

@DamnItsTrue Facebook is the people you went to school with. Twitter is the people you wished you went to school with.

@PJPerez “Inception” brought up a good question about dreaming: Where do all the anonymous/random people in our dreams come from?

@jessicachenow I should be at comic con searching for single guys. They might all still live w/ mom but at this point I can’t be too picky.

@IowaGirlBeth Trips to the mall to return things aren’t as much fun as trips to the mall to buy things. =( #broke.

@Megan_Bonner Why is Victorias Secret website down? I’m in the online shopping mood! #probablyforthebetter

@VegasGalB Taking a break to hit up the M&M store. Gotta love having an office on the corner of the world’s coolest playground.

@AmandaHimes Ugh, why is it that when friends/family come to town they expect you to be their tour guide? Some of us work and our weekends are *our* time.

@jayfenster Not 100% sure due to the 12 hours of drinking, but I’m pretty sure I was photographed wearing cat ears tonight.

@HRGirlVegas I have full fledged chaos on my hands. I didn’t make dinner and they’re all revolting. It’s not in my mom contract to cook EVERY NIGHT.

@newandhorrible The woman sitting next to me in the movies laughed even LOUDER than ME. I didn’t think that was POSSIBLE.

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