Who is the Best Face of the City?


Up until about a year ago, Oscar Goodman—in his third four-year term as Las Vegas mayor and the man who vociferously champions this city like no other—would have been the hands-down winner here. But then a certain buxom blonde strolled into town and started popping up—and popping out!—everywhere. Indeed, in former Playboy model Holly Madison, our good mayor now has some serious competition for the honor Best Face of the City. In fact, Madison recently professed a desire to one day try her hand at local politics (she also claims to be writing a book—all by herself!—about Las Vegas). How to choose a winner? Old-school tale-of-the-tape style:


Mayor Goodman: Love of law, diehard devotion to his city, rarely seen in public without a showgirl on his arm and a willingness to snub presidents of both political parties who disrespect his town.

Holly Madison: 36D’s, bottomless media exposure (with our city always at the forefront of her hype machine), a new Las Vegas-based reality show and, uh, did we mention 36D’s?

Advantage: Madison.


Mayor Goodman: “World’s Happiest Mayor.”

Holly Madison: “Every Day Is a Hollyday.”

Advantage: Madison.


Mayor Goodman: The acquisition of a 61-acre land parcel that is becoming Symphony Park, on the Frank Gehry-designed Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health site, and where the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is under construction.

Holly Madison: Besides starring in the Peepshow nudie revue at Planet Hollywood, she put Vegas in the record books by organizing the largest bikini parade.

Advantage: Goodman.


Mayor Goodman: Bombay Sapphire gin (for which Goodman has received $150,000, all of which he donated to local charities).

Holly Madison: The Sugar Factory (she designed her own candy necklaces); recently cut a commercial for movietickets.com.

Advantage: Goodman.


Mayor Goodman: Dark suit and bright tie.

Holly Madison: Two-piece bikini … with one piece often missing.

Advantage: Madison.


Mayor Goodman: When asked by a fourth-grade student in 2005 the one thing he’d take with him if he were stranded on a deserted island, Goodman replied: “A bottle of gin.” When the inevitable media flak hit, Goodman revised his response: “A bottle of gin and two showgirls.”

Holly Madison: She speaks? Really?

Advantage: Goodman.


Both of them. Appropriately, this exercise was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

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