Pizza, Pizza!

And salumi, and spaghetti, and vino, and…

OK, so it is Sunday morning here, so that means it is Saturday night for all of you. Let me tell you about my Saturday.

The day started out with the boys meeting up with Michael Kornick (again, he’s a chef partner of N9NE Group, which owns my restaurant, Nove Italiano, at the Palms) and his wife, Lisa, at Forno for some more of the best pizza. That’s right, I said it again: The best pizza!

After about three slices each, we chased our meal with a couple of cold ones. Then it was off to see the Roman sites. We took in the Spanish steps, the Coliseum and a bunch of churches—and stopped every few hours for salumi, which MK and I would seek out.

After walking all day and eating some great food, we headed back to relax for dinner. Fast-forward to 9:30 p.m., when we jump in a taxi and say ciao to Quinzi and Gabrieli. When we arrive, the manager, Stepho, remembered me from last time I was there. What a place.

What followed was a five-hour dinning experience. We started with crudo of salmon, tuna and scallop, and a huge plate of langoustines. Everything was very simple, but very delicious—olive oil, sea salt and lemon. You could taste the freshest of the fish.

Next came spaghetti with lobster, and guess where that as cooked: right in the dining room, just like at Nove! Wonder were we got that idea from… ha ha ha.

The pasta was ever so lightly coated with the most intense lobster sauce ever. Of course, I had two bowls of the stuff. Next was grilled baby octopus and cuttlefish with zucca. The octopus was out of this world—simple and clean and so small and perfect. Still, it was the cuttlefish that was the winner for me. I loved the texture, and the zucca went so well with the creaminess of the cuttlefish.

After that, you might think that we were done, but no—we aren’t even close to being done! Next came a simple salad of fresh San Marzano tomatoes (f you don’t know what SM tomatoes are, Google them; they’re the best!) with buffalo milk burrata cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Sounds limple, but it is—and it’s so great. The tomatoes and the burrata are a perfect match. I have had burrata before, but this was so fresh, and the taste! If you come here, go to Quincy and Gabrieli and tell them you know Geno, LOL. They’ll take care of you.

For the final kicker of this amazing dinner, we enjoyed a six-pound scorpin fish that was cooked with potatoes, olives and tomatoes. This fish had no shot with us. After one bite, we were practically attacking it. It was so amazing-good, you couldn’t stop me from eating. Needless to say, it was one of those meals that will never be forgotten.