Full and Florence-bound

Last night three great days in Rome came to an end. The boys and I meet up with MK and Lisa Kornick at La Scala Ristornate, which is a locals spot, about 20 minutes outside of Rome. (We got the hook-ups in Rome; the boys only find the best restaurants!) We arrived at 9 p.m. and from the minute we sat down, the food and wine didn’t stop—for four hours! We started with antipasti: octopus salad, spada crudo (swordfish), salumi and melon, grilled veggies with extra virgin olive oil, fried artichokes, breasola and arugula. (Yes, all of this is only the antipasti!) It didn’t take long before the head waiter, Tony, figured out that MK and I were chefs. After that, the really good stuff started coming to the table! Pig trotters in tomato, veal and tuna sauce, head cheese… It just kept comin’. At this point, we lost John, but Jay was along for this ride and Lisa was right there with us. Granted, we had to take a break (translation: drinking more vino and talking about life), but I truly couldn’t have been happier, surrounded by great food and great friends. I’ll be honest, it brought a tear to my eye. (I know, I got soft there for a minute.)

After our self-imposed intermission, it was time for pasta. “Bring on the pasta!” I said, and that’s precisely what Tony did—we gorged ourselves on ziti with sardines and zucca, spaghetti with percino cheese and fresh tomato, and torn, fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms—and all of it was amazing. But after that, we had to throw in the towel. What a meal.

Wait ‘til I get back Vegas! Nove will have a menu, thanks to this culinary adventure. There is a lot of inspiration here, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you when I get home.

Our minds and bellies are full of awesome experiences in Rome, and now it’s time to head to Florence. We’re traveling by train, and I can’t wait to get there so I can take Jay and John to the market and introduce them to what I swear is the best trippa sandwich in the world. Stay tuned!



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