Bringing Las Vegas to the Mediterranean

Right now, the boys are at the beach chilling and relaxing, soaking in the sun and swimming in the Mediterranean. This is one beautiful place, and the town has a super laid-back vibe. But let’s get to the good stuff from last night—or what we can remember from last night. (We partied as if we were in Vegas, took over the bar and quickly made friends with the owner!) We showed Italy that you can get drunk drinking espresso (if you make your espresso shots like Nove does!). Marcus and my bar team would clean up here. (Miss you guys!).

Dinner was good. We ate a lot of fish and octopus, which are the staples here. Tonight we are going local. Stay tuned…


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Feast of the Fishes

By Geno Bernardo

It’s already time to leave Florence, after a brief, in-and-out, overnight stay. We arrived mid-afternoon, and our first stop was at the central market for a round of those trippa sandwiches I’ve been talking about. I had been waiting two years to come back and enjoy another one, and I have to say, WOW, they’re just like I remember. The same guy was there who served me last time. The only difference was this time I only had two. (That should hold me over for a few years!) I am really thinking about putting a similar sandwich on my menu at Nove once I get home.