A Splendid Table in Torino

We arrived in Torino yesterday, still hurting from the craziness we experienced in Santa Margarita. Needless to say, it was a take-it-easy day. I just walked around and soaked up some sights, since everything was new to me. I haven’t been this far north before (!). I really enjoyed the culture and architecture that you can take in while just roaming the streets. I stopped to ask some locals were we should try to eat dinner, and the talk around town seemed to indicate that the place to be (or eat) was a restaurant called La Smarrita.

The place proved to be kind of tricky to find, but it was worth it. We dined alfresco—outside—overlooking a beautiful fountain in the square. There were people everywhere enjoying friends and family, and it reminded me of Federal Hill back home, in Providence, R.H.

The dinner was served family style and with lots of vino Barolo. It all started with Britain squid, grilled radicchio, beans and datterino tomatoes. The tomatoes were great, and I’m going to have to research them when I get back, and see if I can get some for Nove. I had never tasted anything like them!

Next came great tasting steamed guinea fowl breast, which was served in citronette sauce. After that: salmon tartare with sour fennel and scallions cream (which was… different) and a pizza with more of that burrata cheese and fennel, which was great.

Then came the pasta: seabass ravioli fresh squid in a squid ink sauce (I will definitely be running this a special when I get back! It was off the chart!!), carnaroli risotto with basil, walnuts and gorgonzola cream (rich and oh-so-good!), spaghetti alla chitarra with fresh lobster, fried tomato and basil (another winner).

After all of that, you might think that we would be full, but we kept going. We changed it up, though, with a dinner filet stuffed with porcini mushrooms and basil, with dried crispy beef. Drama and Jay couldn’t have been happier to finally have some “real” meat, but as far as I’m concerned, I say, “Bring on the fish!”

Needless to say, it was a great meal—no wonder the place is a locals’ favorite.



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