A Market to Remember

Zack Allen from Carnevino and Kerry Clasberg (our local produce forager from our farmers market) both told me to check Eaitaly while I was in Torino, and today I did it. I didn’t know what to expect, but from the minute we walked in, I was in food heaven.

This place has everything—from vino and cheese, to salami and other meats, fish, etc. It is like Whole Foods on steroids! We were there for FIVE hours (!!). Each part of the place has a little restaurant featuring the best of the best, so we ate at everyone.

I started with fresh pasta—tortellini with meat sauce—and some burrata pizza, and a glass of vino. After that, it was over to my favorite: pesce! (Drama’s least-favorite of the Italian food groups, but Jay was with me.) The oysters tasted like a great Raspberry Point oysters from Prince Edward Island, Canada). Still, the real kicker was the spada crudo (swordfish), which came with—get this—soy sauce. We couldn’t help but laugh.

Then came the freshest sardines that I’ve ever had, simply grilled with lemon. They were still alive when they hit the grill (!!). Next was an order of octopus, which was really great, with salsa verde. At this point, all of us had two glasses of vino bianco, relaxed and took a deep breath. We still had a lot of work (eating!) ahead of us.

After our intermission, we went to the salumi and cheese restaurant, where we discovered all sorts of prosciutto, lardo, pancetta, culluito, lanzo and speck. For cheese, we had parmgiano and talleggio—all sliced to order; I couldn’t get over this place! I wish everyone could experience this. The good news is that they are going to open a location in New York later this month.

When I left the place, I left with the biggest smile I’ve ever had while leaving a food market. The only thing they’re missing there is a solid trippa sandwich—but that’s OK, because if they did, I’d probably die and go to culinary heaven. Now we’re off to the U2 concert—red zone tickets in hand. Suffice to say, life is good!



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