Partying Like Vegas Rock Stars

Here I am, saying it again: Last night was a blur. It started with the boys drinking wine in Portofino. While we were there, we saw Seal and Heidi Klum, which was pretty cool. Then we headed back into Santa Margarita to have some pizza and drink more wine. Vino has been a constant theme throughout the trip; we counted how many bottles of wine we’ve had so far, and settled on 45 bottles!.

The real fun began when we went to a local bar, where the vodka and Red Bull was flowing. Then, around 1 p.m., we went to a beach disco that was having a white party. When we got there, there was about 300 people in line—and that’s when our Vegas skills came in.

The boys went right to the front of the line, I spoke a little Italian, then showed them my business card, and voila! The gates were open.

The VIP host was blown away, and took us to the best table in the place. We ordered bottle service, and were surprised to find out that a bottle of Grey Goose there was only 200 Euros—cheap by most Vegas standards!

We made our way to the dance floor, where we proceeded to represent, and did the good ‘ol Jersey fist pump (that was for my boy Pauly D). And get this: We had the whole club following out lead! Italy now does the Italian fist pump! We got pretty drunk, and at about the same time it started to rain—pour, actually—but that just made the party better. We closed the club down! Oh, and if anyone from N9NE Group is reading this, be prepared: I told a lot of people that they were hired last night!! LOL.

Now we’re back in Torino, with one day until the U2 concert. It was a long train ride to get here, and it seemed even longer, thanks to my hangover. Oh well, I’m on vacation! And we’ve not only got good memories from the night beforel we’ve got reputations! After rocking the beach, everyone knows us as the Vegas Trio. I love it! Will fill you all in about Torino soon—ciao!

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