U2, and Panini for Three

Last night I saw the most amazing concert I’ve ever seen. Jay and Drama were there, and let me tell you, it was breathtaking.

From our spots in the red zone (VIP, of course! Vegas, baby!), it was truly a site to see. (And big, big thanks to Jay for getting us the VIP passes!)

More than 80,000 fans looked on as Bono and the boys rocked Torino until 2 a.m. If you have yet to see U2 live, let me tell you, U2 puts on a great show. Wow!

Now we are heading to Milan for the home stretch of the trip. Oh! But before I forget: The food last night!

We ate out of food trucks—great Italian street food: proscuito cotto and mozzalla panini (their version of a sausage and pepper sandwich, but on grilled foccacia bread). It was OK, but Nove has them beat. (They didn’t look like they were straight out of Good Fellas).

Alright! See you in Milan.


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