Cougars Run Wild

It’s been “housewives gone wild” for the whole week. By which we mean book tours and jewelry flashing.

Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York City had a fashion show at Lavo inside Palazzo on Aug. 4 for her jewelry line, Kelly, which leans heavily on feathers. That’s all well and good, but the only bird in abundance in New York is the pigeon. If you had to, could you tell an eagle feather from a pigeon feather? Of course not. That’s how you wind up with $100 earrings made out of whatever they plucked out of Central Park.

Fellow housewife Jill Zarin was in town with husband Bobby and daughter Ally as well. She came over to surprise Bensimon before going on to dole out gelato and brownies to fans at the Sugar Factory in the Miracle Mile Shops on Aug. 7.

Zarin is promoting her book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother (Dutton Adult, 2010), and said she could see Las Vegas supporting a Real Housewives franchise of its own. To show everyone how it’s done, Bensimon spent three straight days hitting Tao Beach.

Zarin was also spotted at Surrender the night of Aug. 7 where she was with friend and Rao’s executive chef Carla Pellegrino.