The Greene Way to Fitness

Ashley Greene’s fitness tips revealed! “Just be healthy, eat right, work out and be happy with your body,” she says.

Good thing they have all those “be happy with your body” machines at the gym instead of all those “physically torture yourself in the hopes of one day being able to overcome your deep-seated self-loathing” devices. That’s why she’s Ashley Greene, the Twilight actress, and not Ashley Greene, international trainer.

Greene was at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic on Aug. 7 where she rolled into a bungalow with a crew more than a dozen strong. There are now only two extras, a sound editor and a key grip from Twilight who haven’t hosted a party in Vegas.

Greene showed up in a white sundress but got to the good stuff when she stripped down to a blue bikini once she made it to her bungalow. The corresponding Twilight key-grip bikini party has not yet been scheduled.