How Big Is Your Frucle?

Tired of the same faces on Facebook? Meet Las Vegas resident—and website entrepreneur—Ryan Alarid. Months ago, he and a friend were looking for new people to hang out with but came up empty. Now, Alarid is ready to launch a website geared toward finding new friends, named, an amalgamation of “friend” and “circle.” Get it?

“In today’s world, people do everything online,” says Alarid, CEO of Frucle. “I figured in our technology-dependant age, there must be a website to simply meet new friends. After searching, I never found one, so I created Frucle.”

Unlike Facebook, where people often “friend” people they already know, Frucle offers a search engine to find people by interests, hobbies, etc. It’s like, but without the monthly fees, or Craigslist without the weirdos.

And Frucle takes the cake for its creative use of advertisers. It encourages members to expand their online relationships into the real world with incentive-based advertising. When you connect with a new friend on Frucle, you’ll receive coupons to meet your new friend at public meeting places, such as Borders or Buffalo Wild Wings.

It launches Aug. 15, and it’s free to use. “I see it becoming a major site and the premier destination to meet new friends that share your interests,” Alarid says.