PBR: Pretty Badass, Right?

Rock, meet Country. Country, I believe you know Rock?

When it arrives on Aug. 22, Jonathan Fine’s PBR Rock Bar & Grill, PBRRockBar.com, won’t be the first Vegas venue to commingle those genres: Stoney’s, Cadillac Ranch, Las Vegas Country Saloon, Revolver and the revision of Gilley’s have kept them intertwined. Neither is PBR likely to be the last to do so. Therefore, Vegas Seven asked Fine what makes his bar stand out from the herd.

First off, Fine says his joint leans a little more toward rock than country. With a nod to venues such as Wasted Space and his own Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub, PBR (sorry hipsters, that’s the Professional Bull Riders, not Pabst Blue Ribbon) will feature a masculine, somewhat gothic, modern country design by Kim Daoust of Tandem—tire swings overhead, a mechanical bull, leather, reclaimed wood and chrome skulls.

“PBR and country music are very niche,” Fine says. “But if you add rock and Top 40, you’re still going to get the country people but you’ll also get a broader scope of people.” As a PBR licensee, Fine’s spot will enjoy home-base status when the association’s annual World Finals come to town Oct. 20-24. In between events, we’ll just have to sate ourselves with chef Billy Boyle’s mod-Am comfort menu and seven nights of DJs and special events.

PBR’s Miracle Mile location (formerly Hawaiian Tropic Zone) was selected for its foot traffic and Strip-front patio, which will sport a 30-foot fiberglass bull bursting through the building’s edifice like the Kool-Aid Man, making PBR Rock Bar a monument to its namesake sport.

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