The Perks

From mild to bold, Social House has a coffee for every cup

Nicaragua Rio Coco: A mild, single-origin coffee. Like all of True Beans’ specialty coffees it is 100 percent organic, roasted in an environmentally friendly way in Long Beach, Calif., and either Fair Trade- or Rainforest Alliance-certified.

Nose: strong citrus fruit zest up front with mild, wild nut essences.

Palate: familiar and homey with a sweet honey finish. 

True Blend: With more acidity than the Nicaragua Rio Coco, this medium blend is bright, fresh and well-liked by the newcomer to world coffees.

Nose: bright citrus and nuttiness.

Palate: fresh acidity, luscious floral sweetness, spice and earth.

Ethiopia Harrar: Like most African coffees, this medium-bold brew is complex enough to satisfy the seasoned coffee drinker. It’s a single-origin roast comparable to a big, tannic cabernet sauvignon, and Vongdala says the “real” coffee drinkers he meets are excited to see this selection.

Nose: dark chocolate, with distinct blueberry notes.

Palate: medium to mild acidity with dark chocolate, blueberry and long sweet finish.

Bold Safari Blend: The Asian Pacific component is grown in mostly volcanic soil, which gives it a bit of earthiness and spice, but with little acidity, making it perfect for pairing with dessert.

Nose: earth, dark chocolate, a bit of smoke.

Palate: bold dark chocolate with spice and smoke.

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