Raise the Gloves

If we are the boxing capital of the world, where is our museum? On the drawing table, according to Paul-Felix Montez, the man behind the nascent Gloves Monument & World Fighting Sports Museum.

As drawn, the eight-story building features a flowing, organic roofline with a top-floor mezzanine and a penthouse. “We wanted an exciting roofline to compete with other things in Las Vegas,” says architect H. Stephen Jackson, who is doing the drawings by hand.

The building would house exhibits on the history of boxing, karate, wrestling and mixed martial arts. Perhaps as impressive is the 84-foot tall statue out front of two boxing gloves, balanced end-to-end, cast in bronze and stainless steel. “The monument itself is a unique entity,” Montez says. “It’s like the Mount Rushmore, like the Statue of Liberty for fighting sports.”

Plans are loose. Montez says that the museum will go somewhere in the arts district and cost about $5 million. Timeline: “Sometime near the end of next year. If we get our funding, we would be able to move ahead and really be a dynamic project,” Montez says.

In the meantime his website, thegloves.org, details plans for merchandising and a movie. “It’s just much bigger than a museum,” says Montez.

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