Underwear With a Message

Never let it be said that Lady Gaga isn’t the kind of woman who will put on some random fan’s underwear onstage for a few songs. It’s probably not the grossest pair of underwear Gaga has ever put on. It’s probably not even the grossest pair of underwear in Gaga’s lingerie drawer.

Fan Sam Faubert heaved a pair of white panties—scrawled with Faubert’s Twitter handle and e-mail—onstage during Gaga’s Aug. 13 show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and she pulled them on during “Telephone.” There was also the message, “Thank you for making the kid who felt like a freak feel like he belonged,” on the back, which is way, way more verbose than the traditional “Juicy.” Biggie’s fans would’ve been more succinct and stylish.

On Saturday, for a change of pace, Gaga took in a performance of KÀ in a floor-length black veil.

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