More Meat on the Street

The mobile burger trend rolls on Sept. 4, when another sandwich purveyor hits Las Vegas’ streets. This one is dubbed the Flow Rider Truck, and the food its cooks will be pushing out the window at you won’t be dainty.

“We will be the first food truck to serve an eight-patty burger,” says truck owner and server Gladys Ramos. That monster is dubbed the “Extreme Hydraulic.” Also on the menu is a 20-inch Philly cheese steak (the “Extreme Philly Rider”) and a creation known as “D Porker,” a heart-stopping combo of fried pork, beef, bacon, ham, a sliced hot dog, beans, an egg, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado, served on grilled French bread. Of course there are smaller-size offerings on the menu for those of you who aren’t that guy from Man v. Food.

Staffing the truck with Ramos will be her husband, Juan Ramos, and brother-in-law, George Ramos. The family came from Los Angeles, where Gladys notes, there is a lot of competition. “We saw all the trucks over there,” she says. “There are hundreds of trucks.”

They worked construction sites for about a year, but are branching out to company lunches and special events as that industry slumps. You can keep track of the Flow Rider’s whereabouts at

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