A New Era in Beauty: HD Makeup

Beauty trends come and go, but I—along with most of the other makeup artists I work with—are hoping that HD (high-definition) makeup is here to stay. With most television programs being shot in HD, cameras are now magnifying our skin six times more than the human eye is capable of seeing. As a result, professional artists are required to use makeup that not only gives a flawless texture and reflects light, but that is able to cover redness and imperfections to a high degree. This is extremely beneficial for the consumer because beauty companies are now putting forth higher quality products that allow the everyday woman to have a flawless face just like their favorite star. 

Although only a few brands jumped on the trend in the beginning, HD products have recently emerged as a mainstay in professional kits and on consumer shopping lists. Every top cosmetic line has either already rolled out an HD line or is vigorously working to develop its own niche in the HD world.

I have put together a list of some HD products that have just hit the shelves and will be must-have additions to your cosmetic bag.

• Make Up For Ever, one of the first companies to jump on the HD bandwagon, has hit the market in a big way. It has developed an entire range of products, from foundation to blush. Professionals have been using this brand for decades. One of my top picks is the HD Elixir. This product will keep your skin hydrated all day without leaving an oily residue. Its new HD Microfinish Blush is also a must-have. There are 14 amazing shades, and the color is so rich that the product blends into the skin effortlessly. In addition, check out its HD Loose Powder; its velvet texture will have you begging for more.

• Cargo is another company that’s put its stamp on the HD trend with the blu_ray line. This collection is truly a force to be reckoned with. The absolute must-have from this line is the blush/highlighter. The peachy/pink color is to die for—especially during summertime. Looking for a great bronzer? Look no further. The matte bronzer contours the cheeks or adds a little color to the skin. Also check out the blu_ray XD Mascara. The wand is designed like a comb, which helps separate and lengthen lashes without clumping. Make your mouth the center of attention with High Definition Lip Gloss, which leaves lips silky smooth without the added sticky texture typically associated with gloss.

• Smashbox’s first HD product to gain global acclaim is the Photo Finish Primer, whose silky texture leaves skin radiant and toned. It is available in color-correcting shades such as green to reduce redness and apricot to conceal dark circles and veins. Its latest product release is the Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer To Go. This Primer not only preps skin for makeup but it also leaves a soft bronze glow—perfect for a sun-kissed look.

As the beauty gods continue to guide us on our quest for perfection, I welcome you to the HD Cosmetic Revolution. With these products in your arsenal, camera-ready makeup is a reality all the time. The question is, are you ready for your close-up?

Whitney Urichuk is the CEO/Key Makeup Artist for One Luv Agency in Las Vegas. She always keeps up on the latest beauty trends, whether it is backstage at a fashion show or with her celebrity clientele.