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Compiled by @marseniuk

@DylanRileyXXX Had tons of fun last night. So much in fact I had to be driven home. :).

@capricecrane Facebook’s new “Places” shares your exact location via GPS. Because why should stalkers be limited to Twitter & Foursquare?

@richlieberman Las Vegas named America’s Most Stressful City. “Hit on 17? Don’t hit on 17?! Hit on 17?” Now that’s real stress.

@phillyblanks Lost all my marbles, phone and personal integrity in Vegas last night. Keeping up the losing integrity streak at the Ms. Universe party.

@brookiescookies If we have never even hung out or hooked up, not sure why u are already calling me baby.

@djgusto81 2 dudes. 1 stall. #WTF.

@WilliamLifestyl DJ’s what’s the name of the track that goes, ‎​​“Badada da daa daa da, Badada da daa daa da?”

@angeljoooones Deodorant has got to be one of the most awkward tasting things ever!! #justSayin

@Mike_E Have had a headache all day. Two Advils didn’t help. Then realized I haven’t had a drink since Saturday. Headache gone.

@benschott Bananas: The only healthy thing to eat at Newark Airport. Both a fact, and a description of that fact.

@JeffyGold Having a baby is like getting a DUI from the universe.

@TheRyanMilam Las Vegas ranked the most stressful city in the US. Partially due to high unemployment, mostly due to Wayne Newton.

@TheJennKlein Goodbye Vegas, you dirty-coked-out-cheap-shoe-wearing-bad-perm-having whore.

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