Another Tangle for Paris

Now we see the power of the Shaggy defense in action.

Paris Hilton will cling to “It wasn’t me” as her excuse after getting popped for possession of cocaine the night of Aug. 27. Hey, it worked for her weed bust in South Africa earlier this summer. Stick to what you know.

After Hilton was brought into the Wynn’s security office, she told Lt. Dennis Flynn of Metro that she needed to put on some lip balm. It’s just that lip balm usually goes on the outside of your lips. Not, say, rubbed on your gums.

When she opened the purse, Flynn spotted what appeared to be cocaine as “a clear baggy began to fall from the purse into my hand,” according to his written report.

Then came the litany of denials. Hilton said the purse wasn’t hers, the cosmetics in the bag weren’t hers, the baggie wasn’t hers, but the $1,300 in cash, broken tablet of Albuterol, package of Zig Zag rolling papers and credit cards were hers. Even better, she said she thought the 0.8 grams of cocaine was, in fact, gum.

But Metro wasn’t buying the story that nearly a gram of blow was Juicy Fruit. She claimed the purse—and the coke—belonged to a friend. It’s like when you put on a winter coat you haven’t worn in a while and find $10 in the pocket.

Hilton was released about 2:45 a.m. the following morning. Her driver (and boyfriend) that evening was Cy Waits, managing partner of XS and Tryst. Waits was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Hilton will be charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, which could net her anywhere from probation to four years in the tank.

It was a roller-coaster week for Waits, who took over the Wynn and Encore clubs, along with twin brother Jesse, after Victor Drai officially parted with Wynn Las Vegas. Before that, Waits was in Los Angeles with Hilton when an intruder with two knives was found looking into a window at the heiress’ home. Waits pulled a gun on the guy, Nathan Parada, and held him until police arrived.

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