Here We Go Again

In what is becoming a tiresomely familiar routine, Nevada and Las Vegas have once again topped a couple of lists no place wants to be on, earning yet more ignominious awards for the trophy case. This time, we learned that Nevada is No. 1 when it comes to credit card and mortgage delinquencies, and Las Vegas is No. 4 when it comes to specious “slip and fall” insurance claims. Yippee!

According to TransUnion, 1.5 percent of all credit card borrowers in Nevada were delinquent, meaning they were at least 90 days behind, significantly above the national average of just under 1 percent. (Frankly, we thought those numbers would be a lot higher.) On the mortgage side of the equation, 15.86 percent of people in this state are at least two months behind on their house payments. Compare that with the national average of 6.67 percent and you can see why we top that list.

Perhaps as a way to catch up on those bills, Las Vegans tend to slip, fall and sue at a pretty good clip. We ended up fourth on the National Crime Insurance Bureau’s list of questionable claims, behind New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Prediction: It won’t be long now before we top the list of Cities on Undesirable Lists. In your face, Detroit.

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