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Compiled by @marseniuk

@SpongeBobThinks Facebook is 4 the people u know. Twitter is 4 the people u wish u knew & Myspace is 4 the people u wish u NEVER met. #FB

@dwpoker On my way to the airport in Vegas saw a billboard advertising just @djfive. No venue or anything. Real baller shit.

@djjazzyjeff215 Funny when people r having a good time but management isn’t. can u say … The Right Party at the Wrong Place? Fuck it. AM lives. Ahh yeah.

@aplusk I’m watching someone learn [to] Dougie. God I love Vegas.

@Clement23 Wow @OGOchoCinco just said the NFL fine was 2 months payment on his Bugatti. #mustbenice.

@TrueTeenLives What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what happens at high school sure gets around fast!

@duce702 Glenn Beck is so sexy. The way his bigotry glistens in the sunlight… Oooh. Sex to the E.

@50cent I’m looking for a good main girl. I got me a good side bitch already.

@Djaarontheera It’s so cute seeing girls tweeting about football. Wait a minute!? What r they doin’ out of the kitchen? Go make some samitches!

@Adeleena saw Paris Hilton’s mugshot and all I could think was, “Like, I want to get my hair done like that!!!”

@AbbyTegnelia I need to re-slutty-ify my wardrobe. A year in a Central American pueblo didn’t yield me enough Vegas party dresses. I feel like a nun.

@mande_jo On my way in to school I just saw a hitchhiker, a prostitute and a guy dressed in drag… I love Vegas!

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