Diddy’s Civil Rights

Of all the myriad and sundry pool parties over Labor Day weekend, only one could lay claim to being the most Diddyrific.

Sean Combs was at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic on Sept. 4 to, among other things, talk about what a good party host he is. Because there ain’t no Diddy party like a self-promoting Diddy party.

Naturally, he had to take a perfectly routine afternoon and make it weird. When a group of girls came out to dance in front of his cabana, Diddy announced to the crowd, “We’re gonna break the segregation line.” Then he threw out a bunch of Ciroc towels.

Apparently Diddy confused being at Wet Republic in 2010 with being on the Dodgers in the late ’40s. Really, though, if you squint your eyes, it always looks like Roy Campanella is hanging out at the pool. It’s probably the way the sun hits the water or something.