How About a Sideshow With Your Slots?

Las Vegas casinos offer countless slot tournaments and headlining entertainers. But rarely do the two come together. The Palms is changing that with its Curiously Strange $200,000 Slot Palladium, a free daily slot tournament combined with hourly shows by performance artist/ringmaster Jim Rose and his disciples, i.e., the Jim Rose Circus.

“Not since Christians were fed to the lions has there been a show this shocking,” says Rose, who first found fame touring with Lollapalooza in 1992. “It is like biblical times. Miracles are happening everywhere; you need a swivel on your neck. Think of everything you’ve never thought of, and on top of it, a good chance to take home some money.”

If that description seems a little vague, it’s because Rose wants you to “expect the unexpected because every show is different.” But if the media preview is any indication, then you can expect a twisted carnival atmosphere with dark humor and flinch-worthy stunts, like one involving a sledgehammer, a cinder block and Mighty Mike, a “vertically challenged” jester.

Locals can enter the slot tournament daily, and Palms guests can play five times a week. Check it out in the Palms’ Key West Ballroom from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. through Oct. 2. You may or may not get lucky, but you will be entertained.

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