A Russian twist

In honor of the man who taught him  Russian-style absinthe service, Tobias Peach offers this table-side twist at Sage: Coat the inside of a medium-size snifter glass with 1½ ounces of a high-proof absinthe (Lucid, Mansinthe, Grande Absente) by rotating it. Carefully light the spirit with a match and continue to spin the snifter for five to eight seconds. Then, from about six inches above a rocks glass that contains two ounces of orange juice with two dashes Peychaud’s bitters, very carefully pour in the flaming absinthe and snuff any remaining flames. Immediately invert the empty snifter onto a linen napkin and place on the table. Insert a long straw under the rim of the snifter and inhale the absinthe fumes. Now drink from the cocktail without exhaling. “You get a warm, licorice head-rush,” says Peach, who guides guests through this exotic process nightly for upward of $30. Substitute root beer for the OJ and rim the glass with Pop Rocks for a root beer candy-twisted absinthe trip you’ll not soon forget.