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Bidding a fond farewell to Wasted Space

Doubtful that Wasted Space’s impending closure will receive quite the fanfare that our debuting clubs do, I figure now is as good a time as any to bid farewell to motocross legend Carey Hart’s petite club—sorry, anti-club—at the Hard Rock. That property has been on the tip of every wagging tongue recently, with speculation about both its nightlife program and the dining lineup (quiet talk is of a new Asian restaurant, Yi, possibly coming to the HRH tower).

Wasted Space is making way for a new sports book—sad news, at least for this confirmed non-gamer. The sentence was handed down to staff during an Aug. 4 pre-shift meeting. Cantor Gaming (the company behind In-Running wagering, also available at the M Resort and the Palazzo) will be operating the new venue, which is slated to open in the spring. I was not the least bit surprised. For months I’d been hearing the death rattle as promotions ceased and the venue started to go into multi-system failure.

I have since happened upon an e-mail from mid-December 2007: “Wasted Space is going to be a true rock ’n’ roll bar. The concept was created by Carey Hart to provide a spot for people who appreciate nightlife but do not necessarily care for the mega-clubs and ultralounges so popular around town. There are lots of other fun details to come.” And there were: comfy leather library chairs at the upper bar, sexy staff uniforms, a rocked-out design aesthetic and an overall intimacy that put you within handshaking range of your favorite artists.

But time is running out to get in your last kicks at Wasted. Despite earlier statements from the hotel that talent is booked through October, the furthest out event I could find was a Sept. 26 L.A. Comedy Club appearance by Sam Tripoli. Probably not my choice for a grand closing but, as Jack Nicholson’s The Joker said, “If you gotta go, go with a smile.”

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