In the Book

The launch party for the second edition of Who’s Who in Black Las Vegas was held on Sept. 8 in the Savoy Ballroom of the Flamingo Hotel. Editor Wendy Welch presided over the festivities, which recognized individuals who have provided the community with civic, business and philanthropic leadership. A crowd of more than 200 attended the unveiling of the new book.

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Quick turnaround coming after fumbling opening kickoff

Going for Broke

Quick turnaround coming after fumbling opening kickoff

By Matt Jacob

To say that my opening-week performance in college football was a little disappointing is akin to saying Elton John is a little flamboyant or Mel Gibson is a little off his rocker. I can see the e-mails flooding into the editor now: Who is responsible for hiring this clown? For the love of God, bring in the monkey! My response? Those weren’t my picks, folks. Nope, I let a friend borrow my computer and unbeknownst to me, he did last week’s column. (Hey, if Paris Hilton can play the “It wasn’t mine!” card …)