As served at Blush inside Wynn Las Vegas, $15

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Face it: You rule nightlife! Daylife, too, for that matter. Lights dim and the hottest music cues up in sheer anticipation of your arrival. Velvet ropes crack like whips to jump out of your high-heeled, polished, coiffured and brightly adorned self.

Now that is something worth toasting to, and with something as fresh and effervescent as you are.

We have to admit, we have a bit of a crush on the Crush, a refreshing, handcrafted take on orange Crush soda created by Southern Wine & Spirits sales consultant Jeff Blake. Getting major points for balancing taste, freshness, attractive presentation and practicality in the high-volume, high-tension environment of a boutique nightclub, Blake’s Crush also earns high praise from the boss. “Jeff is the best-kept secret,” says Pauly Freedman of Blush, Encore Beach Club and Surrender. “[It] takes spirit knowledge and a background in operations to create cocktails that are volume-friendly, not labor-intensive and yummy.”

Here’s to yummy!

  • 1½ ounce Grey Goose L’Orange vodka
  • ½ ounce rock candy syrup
  • 3 to 4 small segments of fresh orange
  • ½ ounce fresh lemon sour 
  • Splash soda water
  • A few orange slices
    • In a mixing glass, muddle the orange slices with the rock candy syrup. Add ice, vodka and lemon sour. Shake well and roll into a highball glass or strain into a chilled cocktail glass to serve up. Top with a splash of soda and garnish with a few orange slices.

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