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( Challenge: You are parachuted into an exotic locale—Shanghai, Tel Aviv or perhaps Milwaukee—and given less than an hour to find one of the best restaurants in town and secure a table. Here, you might be tempted to dig out your smartphone and Yelp it, or you might rack your brain trying to remember what Anthony Bourdain said when he wasn’t talking about himself. Or you could simply ask your cab driver, who knows the city well, doesn’t follow trends, is not impressed by fancy glassware and has no vested interest in the local restaurant industry (well, no legal one, anyway). Layne Mosler, a food writer and a taxi driver herself, provides proof of this travel axiom in the Taxi Gourmet blog, in which she finds the best burrito in Spanish Harlem, pokes at grilled intestines in Buenos Aires, and discovers a great Argentine steakhouse … in Berlin. Unfortunately, Mosler’s food writing is confined to those three cities for now, so we won’t know where a Las Vegas cabbie might take her until she finally gets the urge to gamble.


( Rob Richards’ Animation Backgrounds blog is at once shrewdly technical and quaintly old-fashioned. The Los Angeles-based animation buff, a musician by trade, uses image-editing software to remove the characters from the hand-drawn animated movies and shorts we grew up with, leaving only the backgrounds. It’s almost the same thing as removing the vocals and guitars from a classic song, as “Rock Band” does. Seeing the backgrounds from Beauty and the Beast and Bugs Bunny cartoons without princesses or wascally wabbits dominating the frame is not a little bit weird; it’s as if some sort of cartoon apocalypse wiped all the ink and paint from the cels. Beautiful, but haunting.


( “I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. You know, horses … taking pictures of your feet,” says Scarlett Johannson in Lost in Translation. So true—and yet I can’t deny that the Toemail blog wrenches art from these unloved foot photos, mostly by presenting them en masse. These foot soldiers are well-traveled; there are images from Macedonia and Minneapolis and Singapore kicking back on Toemail’s pages. It’s a cute site and a must for foot fetishists who need to get their softcore jollies while in the office.

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