The best (and worst) VIP attempts. Ever.

Robert Chiti

Director of VIP Services at Lavo at the Palazzo

The line: “I’m Clark Kent, and this is Lois Lane. We have reason to believe there is a good story inside, and we need to get in right away!”
Did it work? “Yes! The host laughed, and we all thought it was pretty original.”

The line: “It’s us four dudes. Our girls are already inside.”
Did it work? “No. It never does.”

The line: “One time at Lavo a guy literally shouted at me, ‘I just have to go in for a second. I’m scouting locations for a Kevin Spacey movie! Don’t you want your club to be in a Kevin Spacey movie!?’”
Did it work? “Yes—Kevin Spacey visits the hotel a lot.”
Did Lavo end up in a Kevin Spacey film? “No.”

Justin Crews

Executive VIP Host at Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel

The line: “People will come up to the door holding my business card and say, ‘Yeah, I met Justin in Kansas City and he told me the next time I come to Vegas he’d take care of me.’ I’ve never even been to Kansas City, so I’ll tell them, and they’ll be all confused. Apparently people pretend to be me in another city, to get hooked up [at bars], and then the [club owners] come here expecting to have the favors returned.’ It’s happened, like, three times.”
Does it work? “Yeah. I’ll let them in, just because I feel bad for them, getting duped.”

The ploy: Two girls walked to the front door, and they were having their IDs checked. The problem was, they both had the same ID. Like, exact replicas of the same ID. And they freaked out when we called them out. The girls were, like, ‘What are you talking about? This is us!’”
Did it work? “Of course not.”

The line: “Morgans Hotel Group [which owns Hard Rock Hotel] has a CEO named Fred Kleisner, and people will come up and totally slaughter his name. They’ll be, like, ‘Yeah, I’m good friends with Fred Klee-is-ner’ or ‘I know Fred Kl-eyes-er-ner and he told me to come by,’ or whatever. It’s kind of hilarious.”
Does it work? “No!”

Reza Arshadi

Door Host, Moon and Playboy Club at the Palms

The ploy: “There was this one instance, rather recently, where a girl was escorted out of Moon and Playboy Club because she was too intoxicated. Security escorted her to get a cab, but I guess she didn’t get in the cab, because she came back and tried to get back in—several times. First, she tried coming in with other groups of people, holding guys’ arms, talking, la, la, la, but of course we recognized her and told her she couldn’t come back in. She tried that a few times, and then she tried putting her hair up—but she was still wearing the same dress, so of course we recognized her. Finally, she tried to walk backwards through the line. Like, with her back to us, walking backwards. Me and all the other hosts couldn’t get over it, it was too funny. And every time, she was, like, “Oh, this is my first time here, I’m so excited to go, la, la, la” and every time we told her no. But she was really nice about it! She was all, “Oh, OK, I’ll be back,”—that kind of thing. She was pretty much the stereotypical, Midwestern, Bebe dress-wearing wannabe Vegas girl. But I have to say, she was determined.”
Did it work? No.

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