Alpha and Omega (PG)


A gentle courtship guide for youngsters, this is a free-spirited animated comedy with acrobatic chase sequences. The cast of voice actors—including the late Dennis Hopper, Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere—give lively performances. This film strikes a balance between goofy adventure and sincere emotion. But the filmmakers play it too safe to ever “break the window,” so the 3-D effects go largely unnoticed.

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Dreams in the Key of Jazz


Dreams in the Key of Jazz

By Sean DeFrank

Michael Frey, owner of Rhumbar at The Mirage, decided that he wanted to add a jazz night to his Strip bar’s weekly schedule, but the question of who would be the resident jazz master lingered. Then one night, Frey walked into the Seven Seas and chanced upon the musician he had been seeking. At the historic venue Frey heard a 78-year-old saxophonist play. Hearing his music, Frey knew that he’d found the man to helm Rhumbar’s jazz night. “They were such great musicians, it was like walking into a time warp into Vegas in 1958,” Frey says.