Are You Ready for Season’s Change?

Seven ways to transition clothing from summer to fall without great expense or emotional baggage

We are fast approaching the time of year that makes us realize why we love living in Las Vegas. The air is getting crisp, and it’s finally time to turn down the air conditioning. With the season’s change comes new options in dressing, and that means getting those fall clothes back into the rotation. Here are simple tips and tricks for a fabulous transition.

1. Touch every single piece of clothing. Look at everything! If you have anything that is worn, discolored or stained, toss it or donate it. Don’t even think about covering that coffee stain with a scarf; it’s time to say goodbye. Too often we go to those favorites when getting dressed and then get stumped because they make our look seem dull or old.

2. Try everything on. It does you no good to fill your closet full of things that don’t fit properly. If it doesn’t fit you anymore (physically or aesthetically), help it find its next happy home. Make a pile of things that need to go to the tailor—and actually do it ASAP. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Colorize your sections. We tend to find things that we like and repeat them over and over. Challenge yourself to add a new color or take a break from one that is overdone.

4. Be creative and ask yourself what can be transitioned from summer to fall. For instance, can a cute sundress turn into a fabulous belted tunic with leggings and boots? Can tights be added to peep-toe shoes to give them a second life?

5. Make a list of the basics that you already own and analyze what is missing. These items should be your first purchases for the season.

6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! If you are on a limited budget or just want to stretch what you have, accessories are the way to do it. Find great statement pieces, such as belts, cuff bracelets and long chain necklaces that can be worn together or alone. Accessorize in a different way every time you wear an outfit. It will fool other discerning fashionistas into thinking your closet is as big as Imelda Marcos’ shoe collection.

7. Flip through magazines and rip out looks to make up a fall look book. By doing this, you start to see patterns in what you are attracted to for the season. This helps to identify a must-have shopping list. Plus, inspiration from magazines will give new ideas on how to take old favorites from drab to fab by mixing them up in different ways.

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Alexandra Epstein

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