Do You Think We’re Sexy?

It seems that sinning doesn’t necessarily translate into good sex.

The October issue of Men’s Health ranks “America’s Most Sex-Happy Cities,” and Las Vegas didn’t fare very well.

Despite our threadbare “What happens here, stays here” reputation, Las Vegas checks in at No. 70, trailing such erotic locales as Bakersfield, Calif. (No. 9); Fresno, Calif., (No. 14); Salt Lake City (No. 23); Sioux Falls, S.D. (No. 40); Des Moines, Iowa (No. 44); Aurora, Colo. (No. 61); and Toledo, Ohio (No. 62).

Men’s Health based its rankings on condom sales, birthrates, sex-toy sales and rates of sexually transmitted diseases. It seems that Texas is the hotbed of hot-and-heavy, with No. 1 Austin being joined on the list by Dallas (No. 2), Arlington (No. 7), Houston (No. 10), Lubbock (No. 11), San Antonio (No. 15) and even El Paso (No. 27).

We’re not necessarily questioning Men’s Health and its findings— OK, maybe we are—but a Google search of “Las Vegas sex” resulted in 16.6 million hits, while a search of “Austin Texas sex” found 1.38 million.

On the bright side, we finished well above Reno, which came in at No. 92.

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