Mayor at the Wheel

And he’s ready to rip across country for a good cause

Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen is taking to the nation’s roadways in an attempt to locate a missing North Las Vegas girl.

The longtime public official will participate in the Fireball Run, a 3,500-mile, 18-city transcontinental rally that has helped find 35 missing children in its first three years. During the eight-day event, Hafen and his wife/co-driver, Debi, will spread the word about Everlyse Cabrera, who was 2 when she was reported missing by her foster parents in June 2006.

The Fireball Run starts in Henderson on Sept. 25 and ends in Galena, Ill., on Oct. 2.

Hafen entered the rally after Henderson was selected as the starting line, deciding that waving the flag wasn’t enough. Bobby Ellis, president and CEO of SNAP Towing, paid Hafen’s $8,000 registration fee.

Hafen, the first elected official to participate in the run, got two hours of training at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a Dodge Charger. He’ll pilot a 2011 Silverado pickup in the rally.

“Since we’re going to be going 3,500 miles and just a few of those are going to be on a racetrack,” Hafen says, “we are going for comfort instead of flashiness and speed.”

You can track Hafen’s progress on Henderson’s website,

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