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The Walkmen combine forces with Etsy to package creativity

In a time when the music industry is still feeling the pinch of file sharing, The Walkmen might have found something as vital to success as their talent: a way to charge money for music. For the release of their fifth studio album, Lisbon, The Walkmen combined forces with three artists to make their music look as good as it sounds. The result is three limited-edition packages ( inspired by the music on Lisbon and the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

The Poster: Etsy artist LittleTired created a 14-by-18-inch poster inspired by the vibrant patterns of the decorative tiles and brickwork found in Lisbon. Each poster is silk-screened by hand using three colors on heavy, cold-pressed paper. With only 150 prints made, these $25 posters are sure to go quickly.

The T-Shirt: The $25 “Cork Tee” comes in several muted colors and is printed on an Alternative Apparel brand T-shirt. Considering the fact that 50 percent of all cork comes from Portugal, it’s no mystery as to how Etsy artist Sheepshead arrived at this design.

The Vinyl: This third package ($35) offers a Lisbon hardcover digipak CD and a 7-inch vinyl record designed by Yusuf Sevinçli and autographed by the band (a limited-edition silkscreen insert designed by Etsy artist Beauideal is available for $15 more). The insert designs were inspired by the mosaics and motifs found in Cais Sodré, one of the most active train stations and ports in Lisbon. The inserts are screen-printed by hand using three colors, and production was limited to 200.

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