Tweets of the Week

Compiled by @marseniuk

@dribbleglass I want to be easy, breezy and beautiful like Cover Girl. But, you know, in a dude way.

@apstew They discontinued my Thai mango chicken at Pei Wei. Piece of me just died.

@atrak: I’d like to dj at a zoo and see what music makes the different types of animals react.

@jessemarco It’s called Las Vegas.

@MsBlackBarB Dang. Just put my feet in the water for my pedicure, and now I gotta tinkle.

@MikeyTantalo Why don’t they have 1 hour dry cleaning!? You can get everything else done in an hour, why not that?!

@TheKarla Need sleep in a city that doesn’t …

@kelly_malone Ahhh the smell of rotten eggs. I must be at the corner of Spring Mtn and LVB!

@adamlevine Now that we have an album coming out, I’ve decided to release my sex tape and then blame someone else for releasing it.

@kaitlinziegler The difference between most of the people at McCarran airport and me: They’re here to spend money, and I’m back to make money.

@TiffnyMichelle Setting my alarm for 5 a.m. makes me cranky … and it’s not even 5 a.m. yet!

@RJSegel Don’t know what makes me sicker: UNLV’s defense, or New England’s defense.

@RJSegel Well … I’m turning the UNLV game off. too f’ing depressing.

@LessThanJR Does anyone else think the cast of “Jersey Shore” should be the poster children for the pro-choice movement?