Are We or Aren’t We?

The idea of a realignment in Major League Baseball is nothing new, and it’s a measure that Commissioner Bud Selig seems to like. Now a recent proposal posted on puts Las Vegas back into the discussion.

One of the suggested changes for MLB is the creation of four four-team divisions in both the American League and National League, and BleacherReport contributor Steve Anglin offers his thoughts on what the revised landscape might look like.

With 30 teams currently in the majors—14 in the AL and 16 in the NL—that leaves two holes to fill to make the proposed realignment work. That’s where Las Vegas comes in.

Anglin posits that our city and either Nashville or Memphis, Tenn., will be sites for expansion franchises, putting us in the AL West with the Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics (who, ironically, were rumored just last month to possibly be relocating here).

Yes, Anglin notes that there are a couple of minor obstacles to clear before we’ll be watching the boys of summer play here, such as the fact that Las Vegas has no stadium to accommodate a major league team. But the notion that the city is still being mentioned as a potential site for expansion—no matter how unlikely—should keep the faint dream alive for Mayor Oscar Goodman.

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