Over the Mountains and Through the Desert

Competitive running has traditionally been an individual sport. Of all the track events at the 2008 Olympics, only four involved a team (two men’s and two women’s relays). While the solo spotlight brings praise, accomplishing a goal as a team creates a unique bond.

“Overnight running relay races differ the most from other types of races because of the team element that has been introduced to running,” says Chris Thresher, race director of the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay. “Relay racing harnesses the individuality and competitiveness of an endurance race with the shared spirit and camaraderie of a team sport.”

The 24-hour Las Vegas Ragnar Relay returns Oct. 22. Teams of 12 will race from Valley of Fire State Park to the Red Rock Casino, across 196 miles of side streets and country roads. Individuals run short sections of the race, classified by difficulty.

“It’s not necessarily an elite athletic competition,” Thresher says. “But it is the only event that produces an experience where the most elite marathoner and the weekend 5K beginner can run together. It makes for an experience that husbands and wives, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, people at all ability levels compete together.” For more information, go to RagnarRelay.com.

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