Rosca at Sushi Samba

After dining with friends on Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, share this dessert with the whole table: decadent homemade doughnuts with a hazelnut chocolate sauce for dipping. It’s a real crowd-pleaser. $9, in the Palazzo, 607-0700.

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Gaetano Palmeri

Cooking With

Gaetano Palmeri

By Max Jacobson

When local cognoscenti hear the name Gaetano, chances are they think only of one man and his restaurant in Henderson, at 10271 S. Eastern Ave. Think Frank, Dean and Sammy. Anyone who is anyone in Vegas, to paraphrase the writer John Gregory Dunne, is known by one name. But, if you insist, his full name is Gaetano Palmeri, and he’s been operating his plush, spacious Italian restaurant here since 2002, along with his ever-present partner and wife, Rory.