Weird Situation

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley held up her end of the bargain Sept. 24 when she came to host at Jet inside The Mirage, along with new boyfriend Roger Mathews. (Farley split with Season 2 boyfriend/manager Tom Lippolis after she was caught in flagrante Guid-itco with Mathews while filming Season 3.)

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, though, was a no-show for his Sept. 26 stint at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab. Officially, Sitch called off from doing the pool party due to illness. That day, though, the boogie-down Dancing With the Stars contestant posted to his Facebook account at noon that he was, “Practicin [sic] quickstep, have one more day to pull off a pretty flashy routine.”

He also, for the record, posted “GtL, GFA ‘you dirty lil hamster.’” So, at least regardless of illness, he still had the presence of mind to force-feed his catchprases to a grasping, baby-bird public. You can’t keep a good wordsmith down Maybe it’s that kind of dereliction of duty that led the Hard Rock Café to sue the Hard Rock Hotel for tarnishing its trademark. The company, which licenses the Hard Rock name to the hotel, alleges that in the wake of TruTV’s Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel, that the brand has been damaged.

The suit throws around the term “drunken debauchery” like it’s a bad thing. Of course, the suit also throws around words like “sexual harassment, violence and criminality.” Maybe if Rehab had a better role model, one who stuck to his responsibilities instead of running all over the country to Rumba God knows where and paso doble with God knows who, it wouldn’t have turned out like this.

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